Commercial Product Photography in Scotland

We undertake a variety of commercial product photography work specialising in the small business sector where we know value for budget is essential to allow your company to grow and flourish.  The high-quality product images we undertake for you will promote your business in a highly competitive marketplace. We can provide you professional high-end product shots to allow you to showcase your products and your business to maximise your sales. Whatever format you require your product photography we can work with you to find the correct solutions in the appropriate media format.

Whether it’s a one-off product or a complete product range we offer a quality, cost-effective service aimed at the small business market.  Products can be shot at your business location or at our Alloa based photography studio. The Product Photography Service we offer is inclusive of any required editing, retouching and colour adjustments.  From clear crisp product shots on a white background to more creative prop based images, we can provide your product photography solution for you. 

Call us on 07515 484871 or via the contact form below.



Option 1  Product Photography on a White Background


Option 2   Product Photography on a Dark / Colour Specific Background


Option 3   Creative Prop Based Product Photography 

This includes both internal and external locations.


 Our Process

Step 1 – Choose your style

  • Crisp white background – 
  • Black/Coloured/Textured background
  • Creative shots with Props

Step 2 – Contact us to about your product photography project

Every customer has requirements but here are some of the points we need to know to make sure we can deliver exactly what you need and want.  You can contact us either by calling 07515 484871 or completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.

  • Tell us about your product(s)
  • The style of product shot you require
  • The number of products images you need shot
  • The number of images per product
  • What is your ideal budget for the project?
  • What delivery timescales do we need to work to for you?
  • What file format and resolution do you require? If you aren’t sure we can help you work out what you need.

Step 3 – Working Agreement

Once we understand your requirements and we are sure we can help you we will send out an agreement via email which lays out what we will deliver and the agreed cost.  Simply sign and return this agreement to us and we will get straight to work.

Step 4 – Send your products to us

  • Package up and post your products out directly to our studio.
  • Include pre-paid return labels and additional packaging should you wish your products to be returned to you after we have completed your product photography project. Whilst we always endeavour to use the same packaging in which the products were delivered sometimes this isn’t possible.
  •  As soon as we have your products we will start the exciting process of making your product images shine.

Step 5 – Product Image Proofs

  • As soon as we have the soft proofs on your images ready you will be able to access them via our secure online platform.
  • To let us know you are happy with the images simply send over an email accepting the soft proofs and process payment.
  • On receipt of the email and payment, your finished files will be placed on our secure online platform ready for you to download in your chosen format and resolution.
  • Use your product photographs are ready for use straight away.

Step 6 – Return of your Products

  • If you would like your products returned to you we can do that using the pre-paid return slip and packaging which you provided when you sent your products.
  • If you wish your products to be returned but haven’t included a pre-paid return slip and packaging, don’t worry as we can invoice you for postage and packaging costs and once paid send your products back to you.
  • Alternatively, any products you don’t want to be returned can always be donated to charity as appropriate.

Post Production – Printing, Marketing and Exhibition Materials

If you require your product images to be printed, displayed or used for marketing and exhibition materials please just talk to us as we have a wide range of contacts who offer high-quality, cost-effective businesses solutions who will be able to help and assist you.  We only recommend businesses which we know, trust and have used previously.  We always ensure the businesses we recommend not only offer quality solutions but at some of the markets most competitive prices.



Delivery Timelines


Delivery is dependant upon the volume and the complexity of your order.


1. Basic product photography on a crisp clean white background is the fastest to turnaround.  

  • 1 – 15 product images are usually delivered within 3 working days from receipt of products.
  • 15 – 30 product images are usually delivered within 5 working days from receipt of products.
  • 31 – 100 product images are usually delivered within 12 working days from receipt of products
  • 100+ product images are arranged by special order. Simply contact us to discuss either by calling 07515 484871 or via the link here.

2. Product photography on a dark or colour specified background delivery timescales are typical, as follows;

  • 1 – 15 product images are usually delivered within 5 working days from receipt of products.
  • 15 – 30 product images are usually delivered within 7 working days from receipt of products.
  • 31 – 100 product images are usually delivered within 14 working days from receipt of products
  • 100+ product images are arranged by special order. Simply contact us to discuss either by calling 07515 484871 or via the link here.

3. Creative prop based product photography or external location product photography shots are delivered to an agreed timescale before the project commences.  Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.


Where do I send my products?

To start your product photography project simply send your products to our studio;

The Studio, Susan Fleming Photography, Clackmannan Road, Alloa, FK10 1RR

Please ensure your contact details are also included in the parcel so that we know exactly what product photography project the delivery relates to.

Can I specify the types of creative shots I would like?

Yes, absolutely.  We talk through exactly how you would like your products to be displayed for each shot and agree on the way forward. 

  • We have a wide range of props available for use within each shot so if applicable we will try and use the resources we have.
  • If you wish props to be used which are readily available but we don’t have to hand or are perishable (especially food product shots) then we can purchase these for your project. A budget for these items would be agreed prior to the shoot and the cost of these items would be included in your invoice.
  • If there are specific props (which are not readily available) which you would like to be used in the shot we would ask you to provide these props along with your products.

What if my product has to be built or assembled?

Unpacking of products and very basic assembly of small products is included however if your product is flat packed, requires complete assembly or more than one person to build and/or takes more than 10 minutes to put together then please let us know as an additional charge will be applicable.  The charge depends on the product and will be agreed prior to any products being sent.

Will my product photo’s be able to be used for anything?

We can provide you with your product photographs in whatever format and size you require. Whether it’s for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Social Media, a flyer or on a 10-foot PVC banner simply specify your requirement and we can ensure we work to your needs. We are also happy to advise on the format and resolution selection as applicable.

Do I get to see the images before I pay for them?

Once we have taken your product images we place them in a secure online folder which we will give you access to. This will allow you view and download the files. Each image is low resolution (72dpi) and watermarked as part of the proofing process.  If you are happy with the images you see we them remove the watermarks and format the files to your requirements.  If you are not entirely satisfied with your images we will work with you to ensure we better match your brief.  Once you are happy with your images payment is required before we upload the final image files for you to download.

Use of any water marked images is strictly prohibited.

Do I own the copyright of any product photographs you take for me?

We give all our customers a royalty-free unlimited use licence which means you can use the images we create for you, for an unlimited number of times, indefinitely and in any format or for any medium you need. The copyright for all product photography images, however, is owned by Puffin Trading Co Ltd t/a Susan Fleming Photography.  You are not at liberty or have the right to re-license or sell any images we produce for you. Permission for 3rd party usage waiver can be sought by contacting us directly.

How do I get my products back?

If you wish your images returned to you please include a pre-paid returns label and additional appropriate packaging and we will despatch them back to you.  If you forget to add a pre-paid returns label and packaging we can organise this for you and include this in your invoice. As soon as the invoice is paid we will ensure your products are sent back to you. 

Products which are not sent back are usually offered to local charities as raffle prizes or in the case of perishable items, destroyed.

Can I order more images or alter my images at a later date?

  • We keep your product images on file so you can order the images for different sizes, mediums, formats or resolutions. 
  • We also offer a retouching service. If you require a product image we have on currently have on file for you but in a different colour we can do that for you and we do this without the need for further products being posted out to us. 


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